Coming Home to the Soul Train Cruise and Some Exciting Announcements from the 411

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Tony Cornelius interview on Pillow Talk With Angela

Tony Cornelius interview on Pillow Talk with Angela


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Actors E Chat

ActorsE Chat




(Hollywood) - December 29, 2014 - Veteran television producer Tony Cornelius, renown for Soul Train and Soul Train Music Awards, appeared today on ActorsE Chat with host Ron Brewington.

Cornelius, who has been a producer for more than 25 years, is the son of deceased Soul Train creator, producer and director Don Cornelius.  He talked about growing up watching his father work hard to make Soul Train the success it became. The program started in October, 1971 and ran for 37 years, with over 1,100 episodes. 

The younger Cornelius aided his father, working in numerous positions, i.e., cameraman, producer, marketing, distribution, etc. He recalled memories of the many show guests, including Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, The O'Jays, The Whispers, Barry White and Patti LaBelle.  Cornelius also discussed the 1995 debut of the Soul Train Music Awards and other spin off shows.

He recalled the tragedy of February 1, 2012 when his father committed suicide, saying the struggle from that experience caused him to form the Don Cornelius Foundation to help others with their problems. 

Other discussions included: The legacy of his father; continuing with his own production career; the pride that he has in his 17-year-old daughter who is now attending college; thoughts about writing a book about his experience and other related subjects.  

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1. (L-R) Producer Tony Cornelius and host Ron Brewington


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The Don Cornelius Foundation Hosts Suicide Prevention Week Event


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Don Cornelius Foundation Kicks Off Suicide Prevention Week 2014


Tony Cornelius, founder of The Don Cornelius Foundation said part of DCF’s mission is to educate the community as well as healthcare providers. They want the providers, they said, to be more proactive in educating the public on the use of their products and services. Foundation officials also want to garner more public awareness on Suicide Prevention Week in general.


Staff & Wire Report

"As evidenced by Don [Cornelius'] suicide 2 years ago and Robin Williams' suicide a couple of weeks ago, you can never tell what someone is going through and how much they may be hurting, said Tony Cornelius, son of the late "Soul Train" creator Don Cornelius, who heads up the Don Cornelius Foundation.  For that reason, the foundation is kicking off Suicide Prevention Week at Post and Beam restaurant in Los Angeles on September 7, he said.  DCF officials are also encouraging those who can't attend but still want to help to make donations through their website  


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The Don Cornelius Foundation Is Getting The Word Out For National Suicide Prevention Week

Pat-Prescott-Carousel  Pat Prescott
Since 2010 suicide has been the number one cause of death among middle aged Americans.

It’s a startling fact and since next week is National Suicide Prevention Week, The Don Cornelius Foundation is getting the word out to get people talking about depression and mental health and what we can do about it.

Two years ago, legendary radio and television personality and creator of Soul Train Don Cornelius took his own life and just  a few weeks ago, actor Robin Williams also committed suicide following a long battle with depression.

These high profile celebrities have brought new attention to an issue which affects millions of people and their families.

The Don Cornelius Foundation was created to honor Don’s memory and to encourage families to come forward and ask for help.

Don’s son Tony Cornelius and the foundation’s Executive Director Fatima Cortez stopped by The WAVE to talk about suicide prevention, the foundation and an event they’re holding this Sunday to kick off National Suicide Prevention Week.

Join them along with surprise guests who share their mission to prevent suicide and support those who have lost loved ones. Proceeds will benefit the important work of New Directions for Veterans and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

“I Am The Face”, the National Suicide Prevention Week Kick Off
Presented by The Don Cornelius Foundation
Hosted by The WAVE’s Pat Prescott
Sunday September 7, 2014 from 3-6pm
Post & Beam
3767 Santa Rosalia Dr
LA 90008

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