What is #Iamtheface???

"I am the face" is a truth, a witness, a badge of honor worn by those who want to let people know, let the world know, let their friends, family, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, lover or other know that they're not afraid to stand up and live regardless of the circumstances. We all have fears of the truth, afraid of letting someone know you we're hurting inside. This sacred badge sends a message that you're not alone and you're a disciple of a cause, a cause for awareness. You're sacrificing your own face for sake of others who can't or who won't talk to someone about their circumstances.  "I am the face" removes the veil of shame many of us experience when our mind tells us that there are no more options, no more outlets and no more will to live. If one person can save one person, just imagine how many families will be spared.

Tony Cornelius






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